Fighting For Justice

Our Philosophy: each case is a story. Our mission is to make sure your story is told—the right way. Tim McIlwain is the lead trial attorney and a graduate of Gerry Spence’s prestigious Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming. Attorney McIlwain is creative and aggressive in every case he takes, using techniques and strategies adopted from the Trial Lawyers College.

Our litigation team has extensive expertise spanning decades of civil litigation for employment, civil rights, education law, municipal government law, labor law and corporate law.

We have represented clients in administrative proceedings, mediations, arbitrations, and tenure hearings, as well as labor contract negotiations. Our team’s extensive expertise ranges from entertainment and sports law to medical malpractice and personal injury to wrongful discharge, wrongful death, family law, trademark and anti-trust.

Tim Mcilwain created the theory of liability, and was the first to initiate a groundbreaking class action lawsuit, taking on video game giant EA Sports on behalf of athletes for use of their likeness in video games.