Who Owns Your Face?

“Timothy McIlwain, who created the theory of liability, on his client’s lawsuit against EA sports for using an athlete’s face in one of its games without pay.” FOX Business. Read More

Keynote speaker to Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Nominees

PABar.com YLD Summer Conference. View File

Sports Injury Litigation

“There’s been a dramatic increase in recent years in malpractice lawsuits filed by pro athletes against teams and team doctors. Career-ending injuries can be financially devastating to athletes with relatively brief peak earning years. The NFL, in particular, is concerned that unless awards are curbed, good doctors will be driven away from pro sports. NPR’s Tom Goldman reports.” NPR.com Listen

Jury Verdict against Board of Education

A Morris County civil jury has found the Randolph Board of Education liable for $150,000 in damages to a 25-year school district security officer who suffered cutbacks in hours and pay and then was retaliated against after he filed a lawsuit in 2012 for age discrimination.
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Board of Education loses appeal of $204K judgment in age discrimination case

A state appeals court on Tuesday upheld a verdict ordering the township Board of Education to pay $204,000 to a security officer who said he was retaliated against after filing an age discrimination lawsuit.
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Kean Women’s Basketball Player Files Suit Against School

“A sophomore on the Kean University women’s basketball team has filed a lawsuit against the school for recently ruling that its Dorsey Scholarship recipients must forfeit their scholarships or resign from the teams they play for.” NJ.com. Read More

Jim Brown and Former Rutgers quarterback sue video game maker for using likeness

“Two former quarterbacks, one who played at Rutgers University and the other who played for the New York Jets, have filed suit against a video game maker, claiming the company used their likenesses without their knowledge or consent.” NJ.com Read More

Mcilwain Appeals EA Sports case for College Athletes

“Former Rutgers University starting quarterback Ryan Hart is appealing his case against video game giant, Electronic Sports, Inc. urging the court to uphold his right of publicity from EA’s unfair commercial exploitation of his likeness in their NCAA Football video games and reverse a U.S. District Court’s ruling.” BusinessWire. Read More

The Lanier Law Firm Announces Historic Settlement for NCAA Student-Athletes in Lawsuits Against EA Sports, Collegiate Licensing Company

“Thousands of current and former NCAA student-athletes have reached a landmark settlement with video game giant EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) over the unauthorized use of their names and likenesses – an agreement that is poised to change the business model for major college athletics.” PR Newswire Read more

Mcilwain gets Atlantic City to settle discrimination case for White Cop

“A city police detective’s punishment for failing a random drug test has turned to reward. Ronald Basile, fired from the Police Department in 2005 after testing positive for cocaine, will receive $80,000 after city attorneys agreed to settle his lawsuit that claimed he was fired because of reverse racism, officials confirmed Monday.” The Press of Atlantic City. Read More

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